vrijdag 27 augustus 2010


Black, white, leather and camel clothes. This is all what a girl wants: a clean look!

woensdag 25 augustus 2010


You've got the seven seas, seven sins and since may this year the seven editorial. Black, leather and very piquant is one way to discribe this editorial by Peter Lindbergh and the seven hot models. But it is also very feminine and strong. The pictures of Jac and Siri I love the most: very natural but sexy. The girls have a personality and Peter showed them.

vrijdag 20 augustus 2010

Plein Soleil

All I can say is that I'm really inspired by these pictures. The light is just perfect and Anja shines as always. When I'm looking at these pictures I really want to go back to Spain and see the sun again. In the Netherlands the weather isn't great. Unfortunately.

vrijdag 13 augustus 2010

Sang d'Encre

Dree totally blew me away in this shoot. It looks like artwork. Or maybe even better than that. She looks beautiful in every shot. Solve is a master in those fantasy pictures (The Girl From Atlantis). And maybe I post later on a article about him.
Close windows and doors, because it's Friday The 13th (and also my brother's birthday: congrats with you 17th birthday, my big brother!)

donderdag 12 augustus 2010

Please bring me back to the days...

Where the most genius man in the whole world, Alexander McQueen, is still alive. Give me Plato Atlantis back. And the fantasyworld he was living in. Give me skulls and bones, scarves, clutches, shoes, clothing and more. More of his fascinating designs. In a world where the woman and the clothes she's wearing, a piece of art is.
Let's pray for this,

dinsdag 10 augustus 2010

Layered Scarves

As promised: a new round of fall 2009 fashion shows! This time Missoni.
Where it's all about layering and knits. Clothes where you feel comfortable in; that is fashion by Missoni. In beautiful pastels, like pink, peach and blue. Match it all with great accesories namely scarves who where hitting the ground and fur hats. A great winter wonderland look with a behemian feel.
And sorry for the large quantity of pictures!

maandag 9 augustus 2010

Put Your Hands Around My Waist

I was looking back to old collections of fall 2009. What gives me the inspiration for the title of this post. In the spotlight today is the collection of Dolce & Gabbana. A collection about shapes, black, white, gold, Marilyn Monroe, fur, gloves and wedges.
When I first saw the collection, they brought me back to the old Hollywood.
Maybe I post later on other 'old' collections.

zaterdag 7 augustus 2010

Lady Barcelona

Being back in town for two days now. And gettin' my rhythm a little bit back.
I joyed for two weeks the beach, beautiful Blanes and tapas on terraces. I also went to the beautiful cities Perpignan, Girona and Barcelona (2 days!), thence the editorial Lady Barcelona, let you see a few beautiful places there. Pictures of my vacation are coming soon, I promise!
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