vrijdag 2 juli 2010

When GaGa Meets Rolling Stone

There's no doubt, I'm a big fan of Lady GaGa! I'm always very curious of what she's doing next.
Now, GaGa tells all in the july 'summer double issue' of Rolling Stone.
Photographed by Terry Richardson. He shot an amazing cover where GaGa wears an marvellous custom made bra by David Samuel Menkes.
On the two Polaroid photos you see her wearing a leather jacket.
And don't forget the Lady Vase platform shoes by Noritaka Tatehane. They are so hot, so pink and so high (31 cm/12.2 inch high heels)!
Last but not least: photo shot at 14th street. She's wearing an oversized biker jacket by Asher Levine with black ankle boots.

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