woensdag 1 september 2010

Red Jacket

Do you want to make a statement? Then is a red coat a good option. Easy to combine with basics like a little black dress and red hot lips. For a more strong look use only red pieces (like Cerruti and Giorgio Armani did). To make a more goth look, like Ann Demeulemeester, you can use black pieces and statement necklaces. If you combine the red coat with white (like Sonia Rykiel) you can make it a more sweet and adorable. My favorite one in this range is the Sonia Rykiel one. Very comfortable and the use of the right fabric (perfect knitwear). Just one more thing I can say about the read coat: love!
And if we're talking about jackets: meet my new winter jacket! I really want this shearling jacket for a while now (since the Burberry collection for fall/winter 2010). The camel coat I'll discuss later with you, guys!
And if you want to feel like a kid in a candy store, check out Sticky & Sweet.
To my dear readers: if you have any ideas for a new header for Les Cheveux Blondes, make it! Because I'm not so good (e-mail me).

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  1. ♥ cute blog ♥

  2. Thanks voor je leuke reactie op mn blog!
    En een antwoord op je vraag, yes ik studeer visuele communicatie op fontys hogeschool! Jij ook? of wil je dat ook gaan doen?

  3. Dat jasje op t laatst is zooooo leuk ♥
    Haha zo een wil ik ook.

  4. Nice very nice blog...I love name of blog ;)...Also nice post...

    follow me on twitter if you want

  5. Coooooool blog!! First time I visited, but I follow you:)


    maybe you want to follow me back?


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