zaterdag 25 juni 2011


As I'm a huge fan of masculine/feminine I was pleased with the spring 2011 Dries van Noten collection, where Dries introduced the boyfriend blazer, or even bigger. And the bigger the better right? Also Stella McCartney did me a favor this season (fall 2011) with blazers to knee height and broad shoulders.
And what's nicer to see a woman wear menswear with confidence?
'The sensuality is not when you offer everything straight away' - Isabel Marant

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  1. Really nice post, I like the boyfriend blazer!!!
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  2. I love this post! I think the masculine/oversized is a really cool style, but i dont think it looks good on me! however when people pull it off it's amazing:)

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  4. I'm agree with you!!! I love MASCULINE/FEMININE!!!



  5. i love the boxy blazers and the androgynous style


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