vrijdag 17 februari 2012


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Yes, I have celebrated Valentine's Day at the concert of Florence + The Machine. They were on my list of artists that I really wanted to see perform. It was the opportunity to see them because I didn't got tickets for their concert in Amsterdam later this year. But this show made it all good.
What did you do on Valentine's Day?

p.s. I will post the full show on my blog soon

4 opmerkingen:

  1. wow, this must have been so much fun! I love her red dress, just stunning! xx

  2. Hey, girl!
    I'm glad I discovered your very enjoyable blog thanks to The Man Repeller's! You obviously have fine tastes and style. I value that!
    BTW, I absolutely love Florence Welch, her music, her fashion sense!
    I'm following you now, and if you like my blog, I'd be thrilled to have you among my followers, too!
    XOXO, Maria José

  3. Nuar, I feel so honored that you like my blog! Thanks!

  4. You are so lucky! amazing pictures




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