woensdag 5 september 2012


 Hello y'all,
Your captain speaking live from Amsterdam. Amsterdam? Yes, I left my town in the south of Holland for something more exciting: a study at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute a.k.a. AMFI.
Here are some pictures of the fashion show by the project Individuals by AMFI at Amsterdam International Fashion Week this july (speaking of fashion weeks: tomorrow NYFW!!!).
The inspiration behind Roots:
Street becomes earth. The dark pillars of our civilization have been brought down by a marching movement of brave warriors. A sense of catharsis enables us to rely on our primal strengths once again. Scarred but empowered, we proudly stride through raw gravel. It is now time for us to reconstruct the deconstructed into a new world. Digging for debris in the sandy soil of what once was structured asphalt, we build from broken pieces of a bygone era. Fusing whatever we can find into remodeled materials, we create the necessities that ensure our survival. Darkness brings forth light. We inevitably move onwards.
Roots is an etnic collection full of prints, leather and headpieces. The color palette of white, camel, burgundy, black and gray made the collection very earthy. The wink to american sports on the other hand gave it a modern touch.
I saw some pieces of the collection in real life and I'm amazed by the good quality and nice finishing. I can't wait to rock my years at AMFI like a tiger dragon slayer from the underworld and be part of a huge project like this!

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  1. Les looks sont supers!J'adore

    Angela Donava

  2. lovely collection!!!


  3. I think your blog is very sophisticated and chic - that's why I check out every post and am subscribed!


  4. Awww, that's very sweet Lucija! I feel flattered! xx.

  5. very good show and amazing post :)! would you like to follow each other?

  6. Lovely post! Your blog is interesting!



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