zaterdag 20 april 2013

Balenciaga: The First Chapter

Sorry for being such a bad blogger lately. It has already been two months (!) since my last blogpost, due to a writer's block and lack of inspiration. But I hope I can make that up the coming days/weeks/and what's to come. Pinky promise!

Now back to business!
To Balenciaga to be exact. I was immediately enthusiastic and excited when I heard the news of Alex Wang being the new creative director. But did the expectations come true?
His very first collection was shown in an intimate salon-style setting on Avenue George V. The show was referred by Wang as 'the first chapter' in a mission to retell the story of Balenciaga.
To start with the semi-fitted silhouet. This was Cristobal Balenciaga's response on the hourglass New Look with which Christian Dior seduced the postwar fashion.
The signatures of Balenciaga, like the rounded shoulders, were combined with the sportive approach of Wang.
Me likey! What's your opinion?

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the combination of wang and balenciaga. These designs look great!

  2. LOVE this collection!

  3. I love this collection! xx

    - Victoria

  4. i think it was a great choice to put wang behind the wheel! He is doing an amazing job!

  5. I really love this collection! :-)

    xo The Daily Fashion Drug


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