dinsdag 30 juli 2013


Eye see you!

In art nouveau department store La Samaritaine, that hasn't been used for decades, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon of Kenzo showed their fall collection. Inspired by trips to India, exoticness was everywhere. The layering was based on  the way Indian temples are built. The oriental influences are also visibal through the colors. Gold, red and royal blue dominated. The duo chose an third eye motif that popped up on shirts, sweaters and trousers. 'It's all about protection and warding off evil spirits.'

Kenzo collaborated with creative trio Maurizio Cattelan, Micol Talso and Pierpaolo Ferrari behind renowned magazine TOILETPAPER for the fall campaign. As models they hired Sean O'Pry and academy award winning actress Rinko Kikuchi. The result is an amazing colorful campaign that includes surreal situations.
What about flying on a perfect manicured hand? Or a dog dressed up as a tiger? The campaign represents creative freedom in my opinion; you see that nothing was holding the team back for creating 'eye-catching' images. This is my favorite campaign by far this season!

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  1. I love thir collection!
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