zaterdag 29 januari 2011

Girl Of The Week: Kristen Stewart (week 4, 2011)

Sorry that I didn't post yesterday, but I was and still am busy with school these days. I'm also a little bit figuring out how I could best present this category to you.
And now back to the point: actress Kristen Stewart. From lace to a LBD and from tulle to olive green. I love her rockchic style! You too?
RM by Roland Mouret
 Oscar De La Renta
Proenza Shouler
Herve Leger

Kristen on the sidewalk:
Skinny jeans, Converse, brogues, Ray Ban and sweaters.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. an award for you:

  2. I like her style!! but i would like her to change her face sometime... haha

    good post!

  3. love this gal.

    come check out my blog--an look at my 13th post-- (I believe?) Its called Joni vs. Kristen..

    made a tribute to her



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