woensdag 19 januari 2011

Round, Round

Round seems to be the new motto by the leading fashion designers when it comes to sunglasses. Designers such as Jil Sander and Giorgio Armani opted for a frame inspired by the well known glasses of John Lennon. Missoni opted for a version inspired by this.
A black version at Giorgio Armani
 XL at Jil Sander
With an extra detail at Missoni

Also stars are a huge fan of the sunglasses, think about Mary-Kate Olsen, Lady Gaga and Taylor Momsen.
Worn a lot of times by Lady Gaga
 Also seen on Taylor Momsen

And of course the man you can't miss in this post: John Lennon. 

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  1. Love the shades and the choice of photos!!


    Love, L


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