zaterdag 2 november 2013

FW #3: Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez
never does anything wrong

Is there something like too much perfection? If so, I would like to give this award to none other than Narciso Rodriguez. In an interview he told his hope that the new collection is better than the last one. Oh yes, dear! Look what you've done now!

Every season Narciso's blowing my mind with his easy-going yet constructive designs. This time round the new length was really short. Look at these super mini skirts. Super sexy, to say the least.
And another thing: the layering. Ever heard of double-skirting? Well, now you do!

For this collection Narciso Rodriguez has been looking down a microscope for inspiration. "There's never one source of inspiration, but I had these microscopic pictures of water, rock formations and crystals blown up. It's amazing what you find then." The collection was also a continuation of resort, he said. The play with texture and detailing to enhance the simple lines was clearly visible.

Then this:
can I please have your attention
for these amaaazing heels?
... Thank you!

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