woensdag 27 november 2013

Hard Out Here

Lily Allen is back!

You have probably heard of Lily Allen's long awaited comeback. Yes, she's back in business. Better than ever, I must say. Her dry wit and irreverence always makes me happy!
In 2009 it seemed that Lily wouldn't make a return in the music bizz. Ever. But in June 2012 she tweeted that she was working in the studio with Greg Kurstin on new music. "I'm just throwing shit at the wall and seeing if anything sticks."

Forget your balls and grow a pair of tits / It's hard out here for a bitch Lily sings on Hard Out Here, where she gives her view on sexism and double standards in the music industry. The video starts as she lies on a stretcher, getting a liposuction surgery and being criticized by her male manager for her post-baby weight. That's only the beginning. What follows is a parody on the music culture a.k.a. hip-hop video clishés containing twerking, champagne bottles, half-naked dancers, gold bars, product placement and a Rolls Royce. Oh and she also takes aim at the use of the word 'bitch' by (over)using it several times.

The video has caused quite some fuss on the internet. 
Some are questioning her decision for women of color as twerking background dancers. Sounds familiar? Miley got criticism after her VMA performance for using her black dancers as probs. Apparently the 'teenage tragedy' didn't care as she did it again at the EMA's this month. The double standards were also confirmed in this discussion. Miley told that 'no one's talking about the man behind the ass', Robin Thicke. I'm (certainly!) not a fan of Smiley, but she's absolutely right in this case! Lily Allen is making fun of mister Thicke as well. Lily dances in front of huge, silver balloons that says 'LILY ALLEN HAS A BAGGY PUSSY'. In Blurred Lines a model dances in front of 'ROBIN THICKE HAS A BIG DICK'. That's a huge difference to say the least. 

I think it's good that Lily shows the downside of the music industry by enlarging it. It's distressing, especially for young women, that there's a picture of how women are supposed to be. Misogyny is still a hot topic, even in the Western society. How often do you see that young and sweet girls turn into lust and/or sex objects (Britney! Miley! etc.)?
I can only applaud Lily for making this statement!

Lily Allen is hoping to release her third album next March. I just can't wait!

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